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The wardrobe is a cabinet for storing clothes, usually made of stainless steel, solid wood, tempered glass and hardware accessories.
From the appearance of the wardrobe, it is mainly divided into "1" type, "L" type, "U" type, "into the wall" type and x column type. According to different requirements, we can make wardrobe tailored, reasonable use of storage space, flexible combination and functional. Features
1.The simple wardrobe needs to be assembled by yourself. Users can have fun in the process of installation at will, and can get more pride and satisfaction from using the wardrobe assembled by themselves.
2.One of the main reasons consumers like to use a simple wardrobe is that it is cheaper than a custom wardrobe. To major family, the price level of this kind of chest is not high, can purchase a few.
3, The space utilization rate of simple wardrobe is very high, only occupies a small space, and also has more functions, simple and practical. These characteristics are favored by small families.
4, As receive the wardrobe of a lot of host beloved clothes, it needs to be very good moisture-proof sex of course. When simple and easy wardrobe is being put, can have interval with metope, enhanced its moistureproof sex greatly.
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